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Monday, January 8, 2018

Evangelicals, non-evangelicals are divided by common religion

Low-income communities are struggling to support churches
The Atlantic: The institutions need money to serve people. But in many cases, they get that money from those they serve.

Everything you know about the Gospel of Paul is likely wrong
Aeon: A long history of misreadings has created an impression of Paul's theological concerns so entirely alien to his conceptual world that the real Paul occupies scarcely any place at all in Christian memory, David Bentley Hart says.

Evangelicals and Mormons are political allies, but theological rivals
NPR: Mormons and evangelicals have long identified with the GOP and aligned on many culture war issues but those shared political views do not translate to a theological alliance.

Evangelicals, non-evangelicals are divided by common religion
National Catholic Reporter: Just as there are Catholics and then there are Catholics, so it is with Protestants, Bill Tammeus says.

Women in prison inspire Iowa pastor's approach to church
Des Moines Register: Lee Schott has been inspired by women inmates' practice of faith and shared it with outside-the-wire churches that she hopes will continue to transform their focus in the coming year.

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