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Friday, January 12, 2018

Does it focus on hope or on fear?

Mental fitness and humility: You can't have one without the other
Baptist News Global: Humility is a critical feature of enduring leadership, and this quality draws rather than repels, says Molly T. Marshall.

One way to determine if your religion is healthy: Does it focus on hope or on fear?
Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader: Some worship communities should be cherished; some should be fled, says the Rev. Paul Prather. Here in no particular order, are characteristics that distinguish healthy religion from unhealthy.

Will the Pope address sexual abuse in the Chilean church?
The New York Times: On Monday, Pope Francis begins a four-day visit to Chile. For his trip to be successful, Ariel Dorman says he must confront the scandalous sexual crimes of a vile Chilean priest.

Will religion decide the fate of the Guantánamo Bay detainees?
The (London) Guardian: The Trump administration has moved from releasing detainees based on their risk factor to treating individuals as dangerous because of their faith.

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