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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The sad politicization of Christianity

It's pretty crazy to be a young woman in Roy Moore's Alabama
The New York Times: Five or six college women and a few allies from across the political spectrum became united on one very important point: We would not settle for Roy Moore as the face of Southern Christianity.
Religion News Service: On election day, an Alabama Baptist church stands apart

Why evangelicals are OK with voting for Roy Moore
The Conversation: Most conservative evangelicals and Catholics have remained rock-hard faithful to Trump and Moore. While many find this paradoxical, it really does make sense, scholar says.

Good trouble
Bearings: Two Mennonites reflect on their journey to affirm same-sex marriage.

The sad politicization of Christianity
The Week: Religion and politics have always comingled in America. But today, Christianity in America has been hammered into a sort of political identity of its own.

Let's not make the Nativity too cosy: Mary's story is dark and brutal
Christian Today: We don't have to be the Grinch to acknowledge just how tough and brave she had to be.

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