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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Religious leaders divided over Trump's Jerusalem decision

Religious leaders divided over Trump's Jerusalem decision
NPR: President Trump's declaration that Jerusalem is Israel's capital and his order to move the U.S. Embassy brought quick and sharply differing reactions from Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders.
Christian Today: Pray for Jerusalem: Why do Pope Francis and US evangelicals disagree so strongly?
The Atlantic: You can be an evangelical and reject Trump's Jerusalem decision

Why Trump's Jerusalem gambit will only hurt Israel
Forward: Yes, Jerusalem is Israel's capital. That is obvious. But something else is obvious too: Israel and the Palestinians are radically unequal negotiating partners.
Religion News Service: Don't mess around with Jerusalem

When the truth is unconstitutional
The New York Times: It hasn't caught the public's eye yet, but another free speech case on the Supreme Court's calendar boils down to this: when is it unconstitutional to require an entity that deals with the public to tell its customers the truth?

Supreme Court same-sex wedding cake case reflects split among American public
Pew Research: Roughly half (49%) say businesses should be required to provide wedding services to same-sex couples, and a nearly identical share (48%) say that they should be able to refuse to provide services due to religious objections.

A Muslim perspective on the Masterpiece Cakeshop case
Religion News Service: American Muslims not only have a stake in the outcome of the Masterpiece Cakeshop but must take a moral stand on it as well.

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