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Friday, December 1, 2017

Protestant-Catholic Differences

A Drug Dealer Led Me to Faith
After a childhood marred by substance abuse and a deadbeat dad, I made a friend who would change my life.
Mark Clark
I was raised in a staunchly atheist household. We never went to church. We never had a Bible. We never talked about God. My father was such an ardent atheist that he demanded my mother spell my brother's name, Mathew, with only one t to avoid any biblical resemblance. My father then named me Mark. Clearly he didn't see the irony. continue reading >>

Canada's First Christian Law School Pleads Case to Supreme Court
Evangelicals pray for a win for Trinity Western University—and for religious freedom in general.
Charles Dickens Still Haunts Christmas
How a 19th-century story informs the modern holiday spirit.
What the Pope's Myanmar Trip Means for Local Christians
Despite ongoing violence, the Burmese church persists.
Book Review
Digging Down Deep into Protestant-Catholic Differences
Two books—one Catholic, one Protestant—show how the conversation should be engaged.
The Exchange
Unlocking Eight Motivational Triggers for Evangelism and Discipleship
How can we "spur one another on toward love and good deeds"?

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