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Friday, December 22, 2017

Every Woman Wants a Role Model—Is Mary that Person?

Minimalism Isn't the Key to Christmas
We need more than anti-consumerism for a healthy Christian holiday.
Jen Pollock Michel
Three years ago, my husband and I decided that we would no longer travel for Christmas. Our parents, all of them living in the Midwest, were devastated. When we'd moved to Toronto from Chicago, the terms were clear: If we were moving the grandchildren across an international border, we were responsible to bring them home for the holidays. But where was home? Even if our passports declared us strangers, our house in Toronto had begun to feel more like home than the one we had left behind-the one we actually owned. continue reading >>

CT Pastors
6 Ways to Lead Your Church Well in 2018
How to raise up new leaders, cast vision, and plan for the new year.
The Exchange
Live First, Lead Second
Pastors have a significant impact on the evangelistic temperature of their church.
Women Speak Up in #SilenceIsNotSpiritual Campaign
Leaders from Lynne Hybels to Jen Hatmaker want evangelical churches to take a more proactive position on behalf of victims.
The Exchange
Every Woman Wants a Role Model—Someone to Look Up To. Is Mary that Person?
We see in Mary what God wants from all of us: faithful obedience.

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