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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Evangelical Christians Are Sick

Evangelical vs. Born Again: A Survey of What Americans Say and Believe
Less than half who claim either label have evangelical beliefs. Most likely: African Americans.
Jeremy Weber
For all the handwringing over what the term evangelical means in the political moment of Donald Trump and Roy Moore, only 1 in 100 Americans would take on the label if it had nothing to do with politics. Meanwhile, the label is primarily a political identity for only about 1 in 10 self-identified evangelicals. continue reading >>

Evangelical Distinctives
Evangelical Christians Are Sick
The movement is driven by a painful awareness that the heart—each of our hearts—is desperately wicked.
When East Meets West
A response to Bradley Nassif's suggestions for Protestant and Orthodox communion.
Editor's Note
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How the gospel truth lightens our load.
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Four research-based solutions beyond Mike Pence's 'Billy Graham Rule.'
8 Assumptions Pastors Can't Make In A Post-Christian Culture
The so-called Christian culture is going... going... gone. We need to get ready for what's next.
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Stories, Theology, and the Importance of Literature
Dr. Christina Bieber Lake is Professor of English at Wheaton College.
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No Matter Who Takes the Cake, What Christians Should Do Next Is Clear
Religious liberty and civil rights are key issues of our day.

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