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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Downtown Fellowship of Churches & Ministries 2017 Report


Dear friends, members, and supporters,

Thank you for your generosity, prayers and support which have given the San Diego Downtown Fellowship of Churches & Ministries (DF) a great 2017! The collaborative efforts of our churches, ministries and community partners provided service that contributed to the spiritual and social renewal of downtown San Diego.

Highlights in 2017:
  • Hired a Mentorship Coordinator and currently have 12 active mentor relationships with individuals who are transitioning out of homelessness and into homes and jobs.
  • Hosted a monthly Pastor’s Coffee where 10 pastors of 7 downtown churches get together for fellowship and pray for one another.
  • Members enjoyed 12 monthly fellowship meetings with excellent speakers like Councilmember Chris Ward, the Mayor’s Homelessness Advisor, the Regional Task Force on the Homeless, the Urban Youth Collaborative, and many speakers representing our member organizations.
  • Assisted residents of Connections Housing with Real Life Skills, Bible Studies, Restore Life and Transportation Assistance.
  • Provided 3 training sessions to members including mentorship and mental health training.
  • Assisted and certified the monthly Clean & Safe homeless count.
  • Attended community meetings such as the Regional Continuum of Care, East Village Residents Group, and the Unaccompanied Youth Task Force.
  • Partnered with Church at Rancho Bernardo to raise $2,500 and coordinate the disbursement of hygiene kits at Project Homeless Connect.
  • DF, Think Dignity, the Burrito Boys and the San Diego Rescue Mission coordinated 3 East Village Clean Up days.
  • Improved communications to our members with an upgraded website and monthly newsletters.
In 2017, we started a Membership program that has successfully signed on 30 new members. Membership provides support to the DF through annual fees and donations. If you are a member, please consider renewing your annual membership now. Or please consider becoming a 2018 member now!
In 2018 we hope to:
  • Increase the number of mentor relationships to 25
  • Coordinate volunteers to support the new downtown tents erected in response to the Hep A crisis.
  • Increase our membership from 30 to 50 members
  • Raise an additional $10,000 to add a new Volunteer and Resource Coordinator
  • Collaborate more effectively with residents and businesses to achieve spiritual and social renewal of downtown
  • Develop a web-based central resource center for serving the homeless and other vulnerable groups
Your membership and donations will help us. 85% of every dollar donated supports actual ministry. We could not do this without you.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving together,

Ben MontoyaPresident
San Diego Downtown Fellowship
of Churches & Ministries
(619) 507-1777

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