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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Depression is an illness

How the Coming of the Son Brings Hope to the Fatherless
An overlooked prophecy points to the family togetherness we crave at Christmas.
Esau Mccaulley
We tell two stories around Christmas. One is Christian, while the other is mostly sentimental. The first story begins (at least in the Gospel of Luke) with an elderly priest named Zechariah serving faithfully at the temple. Luke tells us that Zechariah and Elizabeth, his wife, both loved the Lord and likely harbored some hope for Israel to be freed from Roman oppression. The angel Gabriel gives life to their hope by announcing that this barren couple would have a son who would herald the coming Messiah. continue reading >>

The Real Story Behind Ray Rice Speaking at Liberty
What does a former abuser talk about at a Christian college? Repentance.
Welcoming the Prisoner into Your Small Group
Prison Fellowship's new curriculum invites Christians to learn how their faith intersects with America's criminal justice system.
The Exchange
Is There a Place at the Table for Leaders with Mental Illness? I Think So.
Depression is an illness. Like diabetes.

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