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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas Countdown

The Reformation, Viewed from the East
An Eastern Orthodox theologian assesses Luther's famous doctrine of 'sola fide.'
Bradley Nassif
Make no mistake: The absence of the Orthodox Church in the Reformation debates of the 16th century is one of the great tragedies of Christian history. What might have happened if Orthodox churches had been party to the theological controversies that dominated 16th-century Europe? continue reading >>

The Piece of Jerusalem: Mideast Christians Explain Trump's Embassy Gambit
Local leaders debate whether major US policy change would jolt or freeze the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
Christian History
Christmas Countdown
When does the holiday season really start?
The Great Supreme Court Cake-Off: Christian Bakers vs. Gay Weddings
The biggest religious freedom case of 2017, Masterpiece Cakeshop, begins oral arguments today.
The Exchange
The Need for Culturally Agile Leaders in Church Planting
The mission of God knows no cultural boundaries
Book Review
Which Came First, Christmas or Consumerism?
Judith Flanders teases out the surprising mix of religious and secular elements in many beloved holiday customs.
The Exchange
Forks & Spoons - A Simple Evangelism Strategy [Gospel Life Podcast]
Start each week with this encouragement to show and share the love of Jesus.
Messier Than Retail: Why We Need More From Church Than Excellent Customer Service
We can get excellent customer service from strangers. A great church experience should be about relationships.
Christian History
Top Eight Historically Incorrect Christmas Songs
How to be a loudmouth know-it-all at your carol sing.
The Exchange
Advent: The Birth of Christ Is Too Big for One Day
Why our family is celebrating Advent this year.

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