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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Advent Is a Season of Longing

Advent Is a Season of Longing
What does the time spent anticipating Christmas have to do with the wilderness?
Carolyn Arends
People are rarely neutral about the approach of Christmastime. Some of us reside at a North Pole of intense anticipation and excitement, while others of us hole up at a South Pole of irritation and dread. Usually, I am at the north end of the Christmas polarity. But there have been a few Advent seasons during which I have found myself at the South Pole, feeling strangely empty and somehow exhausted by all the hoopla. The first couple of Christmases after my dad died were like that for me. continue reading >>

The Exchange
The Tears of Jesus When Pain Comes: A Reflection on Christmas, Cancer, and the Hope of Christ
Tomorrow may not be known to us, but it is known to the only one who matters, and that makes all the difference.

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