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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Your Church Can Help People Simplify Christmas

What Arab Leaders Think of USAID Funding Persecuted Christians
Middle East believers pray more American money won't mean more problems.
Jayson Casper in Cairo
Ashty Bahro was one of the first to the scene in al-Qosh, traveling 25 miles over mountainous roads from his base in Iraqi Kurdistan to the town where 850 Iraqi Christian families had been newly displaced. Only weeks earlier, the families had relocated to Teleskof in the Nineveh Plain, following its liberation from ISIS. But the Kurdish independence referendum sparked a new crisis in the region. The Iraqi government moved quickly to reclaim lands controlled by the Kurdish peshmerga fighters. Shia militias linked with Iran also threatened the Christian areas, forcing families to flee once more. continue reading >>

How Alvin Plantinga Paved the Way for Christian Philosophy's Comeback
The professor, scholar, and 2017 Templeton Prize winner reflects on over 50 years of defending the reasonableness of theism.
The New 'Magic School Bus' Still Sees Knowledge as a Gateway to Wonder
For many, science is about pursuing mastery. Ms. Frizzle has always invited us to marvel instead.
The Exchange
The Dark Side of Autonomy
The scope of the mission of God is beyond the capacity of any singular local church
4 Ways Your Church Can Help People Simplify Christmas
If we want people to slow down, simplify and learn the joy of giving, our church needs to be a place they can do that.

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