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Monday, November 20, 2017

What Is a Generous Act?

Research and Trends
  • Growth in Faith 49% of all U.S. worshipers say they have experienced much growth in their faith in the last year. Another 43% have experienced some spiritual growth. The number one reason worshipers give for their growth in faith is their participation in the congregation. (U.S. Congregational Life Survey 2/17/14)
  • What Is a Generous Act? According to The Generosity Gap, a new Barna report, people differ when it comes to envisioning an act of generosity. “Service” (32%) and “emotional / relational support” (30%) are the two most popular responses among American Christians when asked what actions they associate with the concept of “giving to others.” 22% say giving money, while 12% say “hospitality” or 5% “gifts.” ( 9/26/17)
  • The Overpopulation Myth We often hear from population doomsayers “the population of the world is doubling every 35 years” and “we have 90 million new mouths to feed every year.” In reality, the rate of world population increase has been declining steeply since 1970, when it was 2.05% per year, to the current rate of 1.09% per year. (LifeSite News 9/25/16)
  • Value of Life When U.S. adults were asked what, if anything, makes human life valuable, the most common view, held by 38% was people are made in the image of God or that life is a gift from God. 17% said life is of value by the mere fact that we exist, while another 17% said our potential to become something greater or more productive and 14% said from what we are able to accomplish. (American Culture & Faith Institute 9/27/17)
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