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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The messy reality of religious liberty in America

Fifty years later, religious progressives launch a new Poor People's Campaign
Religion & Politics: Can institutions like Union Theological Seminary and religious intellectual-activists like William Barber help to reframe the moral terms of American politics? Do they represent a path forward for struggling religious institutions, looking for relevance in a time of disaffiliation?

Navigating the church's engagement with the digital world
Baptist News Global: Using social media, online streaming, and other digital tools to engage an outside world is a new expression of evangelism, plain and simple, Amy Butler says.

The Masterpiece Cakeshop case is not about religious freedom
The New York Times: There are two important things to know about the religious freedom/wedding cake case: It's not about religious freedom -- it's about religious exemption. And it's about a whole lot more than wedding cakes.

Why it's not just nominal evangelicals supporting Donald Trump
Religion news Service: Why would reasonable, mainstream evangelicals support him? Looking outside politics might actually provide the clue.
National Catholic Reporter: The line from fundamentalism to fake news

The messy reality of religious liberty in America
The Conversation: Americans have idealized religious freedom and imagined that it brings harmony. But, history suggests it might, in fact, have led to more conflict.

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