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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Texas church to be demolished

Texas church to be demolished, like other mass killing sites before it
Religion News Service: In what is becoming a grim American ritual, mass shooting sites from Sandy Hook to Columbine have been demolished and then rebuilt. But some churches that experienced horrific killings have sought to reclaim existing sacred spaces.
New York Times: After massacre, a small Texas cemetery strains to bury so many dead
Religion News Service: Mother Emanuel AME pastor shows solidarity with Sutherland Springs

Packing in the pews: The connection between God and guns
Christianity Today: According to 2017 Pew Research Center data analyzed for CT, white evangelicals are more likely than members of other faith groups or the average citizen to own a gun; 41 percent do, compared to 30 percent of Americans overall. A majority of white evangelicals who own a handgun carry it with them and are more likely to believe most places should allow citizens to carry guns.

Billy Graham still matters as he turns 99. Here are 5 reasons why.
Charlotte Observer: Billy Graham, who turned 99 this week, rarely leaves his mountaintop home in Montreat anymore. He can't hear or see very well. He doesn't talk much. And his last crusade, in New York City, was 12 years ago. But this Charlotte-born evangelist still matters, writes Tim Funk.
 Religion News Service: As evangelist Billy Graham turns 99, Zondervan announces definitive biography, 'A Prophet with Honor'

Bridging the gap between us and them
National Geographic:  "I've come to the understanding now that you don't go to the margins to make a difference. You go to the margins so that folks at the margins make you different," said Father Greg Boyle of Homeboy Industries gang ministry in Los Angeles. Boyle's new book, "Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship," is out this month.

When faced with conflict, try an introspective approach
Harvard Business Review: Having an accusatory mindset toward others only fuels frustration. To defuse a situation and return to a place of peace, you must first examine your own contribution to the conflict -- no matter how small.

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