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Friday, November 17, 2017

Tampa church warns: We are armed and ready to use deadly force

Salvator Mundi went for $450m. But you can have the real thing for free
The (London) Guardian: The only way out of the trap of the human condition is to admit our moral incapacity and call on God for help, Giles Fraser says.

Bricks and mortals: sacred space as real estate and real estate as sacred space
Bearings: An interview with the Rev. Donna Schaper about how Christians think of sacred real estate and also about their bodies as sacred temples.

The Russia investigation's spectacular accumulation of lies
The Washington Post: We are witnessing what happens when right-wing politics becomes untethered from morality and religion, Michael Gerson says.

Tampa church warns: We are armed and ready to use deadly force
Tampa Bay Times: If you are an evildoer wishing to bring harm to the members of River at Tampa Bay Church, don't expect congregants to turn the other cheek. They'll blast you.
USA Today: Two accidentally shot in church while discussing church shootings

Religious "Nones" are gaining ground in America, and they're worried about the economy, says new study
Religion News Service: Thirty-four percent of Americans surveyed said they were atheist, agnostic, or "nothing in particular," according to a new survey.

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