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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sunday Bulletin - Saint Patrick Catholic Parish - November 26, 2017

Sunday Bulletin
Sunday, November 26, 2017 — Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
We, the church of Saint Patrick, in the community of North Park, of the Roman Catholic Diocese and City of San Diego, declare this to be our primary mission:
to come together to celebrate the Eucharist, hear God’s word proclaimed, give praise and thanksgiving to God, and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that by freely sharing our faith, talents, and treasures, we discover Christ’s presence among us and bring Him to others. We have a strong desire to give and receive love, service, peace, support, and fellowship, within our families, our parish, our community, and the world. Open to the power of the Holy Spirit, we pursue this mission faithfully and lovingly.

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