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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Small religious colleges struggle for survival

Why evangelicals might vote for Roy Moore anyway
Religion News Service: Yes, politics is a big part of it, but so too is a particular way evangelicals engage with the world around them.

Why Democrats must regain the trust of religious voters
The Atlantic: If the party wants to win back votes in the Trump era, it will need to stop ignoring people of faith.
The Washington Post: Christianity is political. But America's politically active Christians seem to be forgetting that.

What happened to my old Kentucky home?
Baptist News Global: Anyone who's been paying attention shouldn't be surprised by the motion recently adopted by the Kentucky Baptist Convention to consider expelling all churches in dual alignment with the state convention and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Welcoming Millennials by preserving their anonymity
Leading Ideas: Churches often welcome young adults with such urgency and expectation that younger visitors can feel overwhelmed.

Closing doors: Small religious colleges struggle for survival
Religion News Service: Growing number of small religious colleges struggle in an increasingly competitive higher education marketplace.

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