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Friday, November 3, 2017

Russia's Fake Facebook Ads Targeted Christians

Screen Time Is Changing the Way We Think, Focus, and Memorize
What old wisdom brings to the smartphone era.
Chad Meeks
The first time I heard a pastor say, "Take out your Bible or phone or iPad and turn to ..." was in 2016. It seems like a fairly harmless statement, but given recent evidence that screen time is changing the way we think, perhaps not. Approximately 2 billion people use a smartphone every day. Many of these use the device for work, scheduling, and organizing their busy lives. With punctual reminders and helpful apps, smart devices easily override our fickle attention span. Sometimes it is difficult to tell how much time one is spending on a device. In fact, one recent study showed that participants underestimated their usage by almost half. continue reading >>

Russia's Fake Facebook Ads Targeted Christians
"Army of Jesus" tried to stir dissension among American voters, Congress reveals.
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Making sense of religious freedom around the world after Nepal criminalizes proselytizing.
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When your religion is something you choose, not to choose is not an option.
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The Coen brothers' flawed film is effective at exposing the sins of contemporary racism.
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