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Monday, November 13, 2017

I can't keep my kids safe

The Promise and Failure of Antibiotics
How the church can play a key role in better stewardship of antibacterial medicine and avert a global health crisis.
Lindsay Stokes
"Twenty years ago there was an attitude that we can use as much antibiotic as we wanted and there really wouldn't be a problem," says Timothy Flanigan, former chief of infectious disease at Brown University Medical School, responder to the Ebola crisis, and Christian father of five. "We've realized that that attitude is wrong. Antibiotics have side effects. We thought we could use them willy-nilly, and we know now that resistance does occur and that there is a cost to using antibiotics." continue reading >>

I'm Not Called to Keep My Kids from Danger
I can't keep my kids safe. But I can prepare them for a life of faithfulness.
The Exchange
How to Be Busy but in Balance
Work is good; too much good can be bad.
Finally, A Definitive List Of Every Essential Element For An Effective Church
We can't let our guard down in the relentless battle to keep the non-essentials from crowding out the essentials.

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