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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How social enterprise has changed my congregation and me

The congregation organized a campaign to distribute signs with #2069 -- representing the number of opioid deaths in Massachusetts last year. This simple strategy has had a powerful impact on people struggling with the epidemic.

College of St. Mary, a once-struggling Catholic women's college, has found new life by refocusing on its mission, translating it to today and finding new niches of women to serve -- single moms, immigrants and others -- says the school president.

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Across the country, creative, alternative congregations are doing church in unconventional ways, the co-author of 'Divergent Church' says in this interview. They may look different, but they are deeply rooted in tried-and-true practices of the faith.

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Don't begin the conversation with the expenses to cut. Instead, focus on your organization's assets and how they can be leveraged in service of your missional impact, writes the executive director of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

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From MOOCs to teach-outs, leading change at the University of Michigan requires an openness to technology and a "team sport mentality," says the associate vice provost for academic innovation.

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A youth pastor finds that running a social enterprise has influenced everything from his preaching to his role in the community. It has also helped congregants reach across the political divide.

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