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Monday, November 13, 2017

FirstFruits NEWS - November 2017 Issue

FirstFruits NEWS
November 2017 Issue

"A Quality Fruit Company Committed To Bearing Fruit...Fruit That Will Last" 
 (John 15:16)


From the Eyes of the Children 

As the students at NELA prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, they shared the things they are thankful for this year. Since family and friends hit the top of the priority lists for almost all the children, we asked what comes next on their thankfulness list. Answers ranged from food on the table, to pets they love, to having a home and a place to sleep. Some students even responded that they were grateful for a good school, teachers, and having talents to offer the world. One student mentioned she was grateful for "God's love that is unconditional."
The thoughtfulness of the answers reflected what feels important to our students, more than something material and temporary. They were grateful for things that also bring with them security, safety, consistency, belonging, and comfort. Don't we all want to have a place where we belong, feel safe, and have things we can count on? Often we take these essentials in life for granted, forgetting how much we should appreciate the meal we are eating, the communities that support us, and the God who created us. It's a great reminder from these young people to be aware of all we have to be thankful for.

Melissa Wisner - Community Communications Coordinator 

Who Can We Be?

As a learning organization that seeks to invest in its leaders, we spend a good deal of time reading and thinking about the fundamentals of Servant Leadership, NEAR sciences, and non-toxic approaches to charity.  Do we apply what we learn with the specific intent of 'doing with' not 'to' and are we increasing the number of individuals who are able to actively participate in making our company, their communities, and their families better?  These are some questions we contemplate.
In Margaret Wheatley's recent book, Who Do We Choose to Be, she speaks to how busyness has become the obstacle to true learning.  That it prevents us from taking the time needed to distinguish between that which is real and the clutter of data and reports that make up our virtual reality.  It prevents us often from asking and then answering the very questions we pose to ourselves.
As managers and leaders with a mission to serve others, our job is to understand what makes us tick in order to better serve those around us.  But, with a perceived lack of time between each task in order to deliver our product to market, we don't do what is fundamentally most important: taking the time to reflect and learn.
As one leader of a host of many in our organization, I believe we have a choice.  We can choose to accept this perceived reality and allow 'busyness' to reign over our mission, or we can be intentional and find the time to reflect, then learn and then serve.  My challenge to all of us is to find the time.

Roger Bairstow- Director of Human Resources and Corporate Responsibility

Season of Giving Thanks 

Thanksgiving right is around the corner and  we wanted to share how proud and thankful we are for our employees and their generosity in helping their neighbors and co-workers during times of need. As many know, Broetje Orchards management uses the practices of servant leadership and part of that practice is how do we serve others so that they are freer, wiser and more autonomous. One of the programs that the employees came up with is "The Employee Matching Fund."
This year, over 20 crews and departments participated in this program this year and raised a total of $6,306.77 through this Employee Led Initiative. The company has matched these donations for a total of $14,058.70, in return have has met a variety of needs including funeral costs and medical expenses.
This program is a wonderful testament to our employees' compassion. Our mission statement is "To be a quality fruit company committed to Bearing Fruit... Fruit that will last." While our employees are living proof of our mission statement, we want to thank them in becoming servant leaders within their own departments.  

  Tyler Broetje- Communications Coordinator

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