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Monday, November 6, 2017


After Texas church shooting, here's the question we should ask
The Arizona Republic: Maybe we need to start thinking about guns the way one physician has started thinking about opioids.

Why church shootings don't intimidate the Church
The Washington Post: The day of the shooting was, for many churches, a day of remembrance for the persecuted church, says Russell Moore.

Church shootings are so common that there's a database for them
Quartz: Recent history has seen enough church shootings that the Center for Homicide Research in Minneapolis built a database to track them.

There are more black Catholics in the U.S. than members of the A.M.E. Church
The Atlantic: How black Americans defy religious stereotypes -- and navigate race relations in historically white, European spaces.

'Exvangelicals': why more religious people are rejecting the evangelical label
The (London) Guardian: Concerned about the rightwing stereotypes linked to the term, many say they no longer identify with it -- especially after the 2016 election.

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