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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Does religion make people moral?

Why faith inspires people to give
The Conversation: As Americans make decisions about year-end giving, how much of it will be influenced by their faith?

Synagogue's mix of arts and religion helps shape Jewish life in Washington
The New York Times: The Sixth and I Historic Synagogue has become a centerpiece of Jewish life in D.C., a place where comedy sets, music acts, podcast recordings, beer tastings and book talks mix with traditional spiritual programming.

Christians are deemed to be dangerous, says Tim Farron
The (London) Guardian: Former Liberal Democratic leader to argue that faith lies at core of liberal values in annual lecture of the religious think tank Theos.
Christian Today: Gordon Brown is back: Flawed titan with a moral compass opens up about faith in politics

A year after the election, some Americans have returned to the flock -- or newly joined one
The Washington Post: In churches across America, some of the people who walked through the doors for the first time in many years on that Sunday after Election Day stuck around.

Does religion make people moral?
The New York Times: Based on Turkey's experience, Mustafa Akyol says it depends. Religion can can be a source of self-education, or it can be a source of self-glorification.

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