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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Disgust for Roy Moore

What's a Christian to Do with Statements and Confessions?
Public pressure to sign or abstain from them undermines their greatest value.
Mark Galli
The Nashville Statement addresses a burning issue of our day: human sexuality. The social and political pressures to deny the biblical teaching on God's intent for our sexuality are immense, and we believe the statement's creators clearly grasp the need to stand firm. This is not merely an ethical debate about what one can and cannot do in the bedroom; in fact, on this issue rest crucial aspects of the doctrine of Scripture and theological anthropology. Unfortunately, in attempting to clarify classic orthodox belief, the Nashville Statement ended up confusing some issues and has divided advocates of biblical sexuality. continue reading >>

Amena Brown: Art Doesn't Need to Be 'Churchy' to Be Sacred
For the Atlanta-based spoken word poet, God shines best through art that feels human.
When Two Aren't Better Than One: Right-Sizing Religion at the State Department
Experts debate plan to merge religious freedom and religious advocacy offices.
The Exchange
Your Disgust for Roy Moore's Evangelicals May Say More about You than the Actual Data
Occam's razor, hermaneutics, and what the research really says

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