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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Blessed Are the Handouts

Cover Story: Blessed Are the Handouts
Why some Christian poverty experts believe we should give cash to the poor, no strings attached.
Bruce Wydick
One year, instead of buying my dad the usual unattractive necktie for Christmas, we bought him a goat. He loved the goat, mainly because it was not for him but given in his name to an impoverished family in Kenya. That Kenyan goat launched a Christmas tradition for my family. Over the years, we've graduated from goats to dairy cows to water buffaloes. But there is a corollary to our tradition. While my parents would purchase a farm animal for the poor in a family member's name, they would often give the same family member a cash gift to spend however they liked. It raises the question: Do we trust each other with cash more than we trust the poor? continue reading >>

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