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Friday, October 20, 2017

Tim Keller: civility in the public square

Berlin exhibition highlights how the Nazis exploited Martin Luther's legacy
Religion News Service: Martin Luther is such a towering figure in German history that it's no surprise Adolf Hitler's Third Reich exploited his name whenever it could.

Tim Keller: civility in the public square
CCC Discover: What will it take to create genuinely pluralistic society?

White evangelicals used to dominate Christian Zionism, but not anymore
The Atlantic: Why thousands of Christians from across the globe travel to Jerusalem each year to celebrate a Jewish holiday.

Church Clarity pressures pastors and churches to disclose views on homosexuality
Religion News Service: Prominent pastors are finding themselves on the hot seat thanks to a new group's efforts to call out leaders who lack clear stances, writes Jonathan Merritt.

Towering cross-shaped monument on public land is unconstitutional, court rules
The Washington Post: A federal appeals court on Wednesday declared unconstitutional a towering cross-shaped monument that has marked a major intersection in Prince George's County for 90 years.

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