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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Suicide, Mental Illness, and the Church

I Never Became Straight. Perhaps That Was Never God's Goal.
Why I embraced the Bible's sexual ethic before I understood it.
Rachel Gilson
The obedience of faith only works when it's rooted in a person, not a rule. Imposed on its own, a rule invites us to sit in judgment, weighing its reasonableness. But a rule flowing from relationship smoothes the way for faithful obedience. When a child doesn't understand her mother's command, the mother's character plays a strong role in what happens next. A cruel, capricious mother is likely to meet resistance. But an affectionate, nurturing mother inspires trust, because you know she's on your side, profoundly. continue reading >>

The Exchange
Suicide, Mental Illness, and the Church: An Interview with Kay Warren
All church members can play a role in helping those with mental illness.
The Exchange
Why Can't We Disagree Well? Reflections on Colin Kaepernick, VP Mike Pence, and Listening Well
As Christians, we can (and should) disagree well.

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