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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Nothing divides voters like owning a gun

North Carolina imam urges Congress to 'celebrate' difference
Religion News Service: Abdullah Antepli, head of Muslim Affairs at Duke University, offered the opening prayer at the U.S. House on Wednesday, the second time he has had that honor.  

Nothing divides voters like owning a gun
New York Times: A series of charts shows differences among voters, comparing demographics such as gun ownership, race and religion.

We found fellowship on the opposite side of the immigration debate
Christianity Today: A border patrol agent and an immigration reform activist discuss the spiritual roots of their unlikely friendship.

Five leaders forged in crisis, and what we can learn from them
Working Knowledge: Business historian Nancy Koehn talks about her new book in which she details the leadership skills of Abraham Lincoln, Ernest Shackleton, Frederick Douglass, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Rachel Carson.

Breaking out of the M-W-F routine
InsideHigherEd: Coker College in South Carolina allows professors to do away with the convention of the three-day-a-week, 50-minute class as an opportunity for pedagogical innovation and deeper student learning.

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