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Monday, October 23, 2017

LGBT-affirming Christians are more emboldened than ever

Struggling Maplewood church finds new life by living 'like you are dying'
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Members of Christ United Methodist poured their energy into volunteering, breathing new life into their church.

The U.S. is retreating from religion
Scientific American: By 2030, say projections, a third of Americans will have no religious preference.

LGBT-affirming Christians are more emboldened than ever
Religion News Service: A spate of recent events suggests that LGBT-affirming voices within religious communities are more emboldened and confident than ever.

Two tearful faces that make me pray for peace with North Korea
Religion News Service: Richard Mouw's prayers for peace with North Korea are associated with memories of his visit to that country six years ago. 

Church of England to debate blessings for same-sex couples
The (London) Guardian: Diocese of Hereford proposes motion to allow official blessing after civil partnership or secular marriage ceremony.

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