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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Just what is the Museum of the Bible trying to do?

Amid decline, one Lutheran church strives to live up to its namesake's spirit
Religion News Service: In Cary, N.C., Christ the King Lutheran Church is pushing forward with a new vision, one that has less to do with upholding the purity of Luther's theology and more with the spirit of Luther's reform agenda.

Just what is the Museum of the Bible trying to do?
Politico: The Hobby Lobby CEO behind it says it will be nonsectarian -- but it looks a lot like a Protestant evangelical's take on the Bible.
The Washington Post: Sneak peek: D.C.'s huge new Museum of the Bible includes lots of tech -- but not a lot of Jesus

More Americans think God is unnecessary for morality, Pew study shows
Newsweek: More Americans think it's not necessary to believe in God to be moral, including both religious and non-religious people.

What is "Judeo-Christian," anyway?
Religion News Service: Jeffrey Salkin will join the battle for Judeo-Christian values, if they're the right values.

The religious right carries its golden calf into Steve Bannon's battles
The Washington Post: The prophets have become clients, and the priests have become acolytes, Michael Gerson says.

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