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Monday, October 16, 2017

How 'evil' became a conservative buzzword

Willow Creek chooses co-ed pastors to succeed Bill Hybels
Christianity Today: Megachurch becomes biggest in America to appoint a female lead pastor.

How 'evil' became a conservative buzzword
The Atlantic: The left and right rely on different moral languages in the wake of tragedies like the Las Vegas shooting.

Las Vegas and the fatalism of "thoughts and prayers" Christianity
America: What might be termed "thoughts and prayers" Christianity appears to have abandoned the notion that political action has the ability to improve the lives of the governed.

Americans can "take a knee" during the national anthem thanks to the Jehovah's Witnesses
Quartz: Being able to protest is a long-established right, one that was established in the most American of circumstances: by a religious group, before the Supreme Court.

Trump celebrates 'shared and timeless values' with Christian evangelicals
The (London) Guardian: The first sitting president to address the Values Voter Summit, Trump said he shared their agenda - despite his history of divorce, harassment and reality TV.

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