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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Federal judge strikes down tax-free housing for clergy

Malala’s 2012 shooting came at time of high social hostilities in Pakistan

Malala’s 2012 shooting came at time of high social hostilities in Pakistan

Five years ago this week, Taliban gunmen tried to kill Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan in response to her advocacy of education for girls. The Taliban justified the attack by claiming the then-15-year-old’s education efforts were pro-Western and anti-Islamic. The shooting came at a time when social hostilities involving religion were at a high point, both globally and in Pakistan. More recently, these hostilities in Pakistan have ebbed somewhat, though the country still faces many challenges in this area.

The partisan divide on political values grows even wider

A new Pew Research Center report on the growing partisan divide in political values includes several findings about religion. For example, there is a widening gap between Democrats and Republicans over whether it is necessary to believe in God in order to be moral and have good values. The survey also asked Americans whether society should accept homosexuality and whether the government should support religious values and beliefs.


Video: BYU professor chronicles confusion about the Reformation

OCt. 8 - Deseret News

Religion given government benefits in nearly half of countries — new report

Oct. 4 - Christian Today


Supreme Court dismisses case against Trump’s expired travel ban

Oct. 10 - The Washington Post *

U.S. Supreme Court is asked to block Mississippi LGBT law

Oct. 10 - The Associated Press

The Russian Orthodox Church: Putin ally or independent force?

Oct. 10 - Religion & Politics

Federal judge strikes down tax-free housing for clergy

OCt. 9 - The Associated Press

India Supreme Court bans fireworks in Delhi ahead of Diwali

Oct. 9 - BBC News

Pariahs to power brokers: Sikhs have become a major political force in Canada

Oct. 9 - Toronto Star *

ISIS fighters, having pledged to fight or die, surrender en masse

Oct. 8 - The New York Times *

Poles pray en masse at border; some see anti-Muslim agenda

Oct. 7 - The Associated Press

Trump’s one-two punch hits birth control, LGBT rights

Oct. 7 - The Associated Press

Why do bad things happen to good people? Clergy tackle big questions after Las Vegas shooting


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