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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

America's charismatic Christianity & fantasyland

'We got your back, Jack,' conservative black clergy tell baker who refused gay couple
Religion News Service: Conservative African-American clergy accused LGBT activists of hijacking the civil rights movement and launched a campaign to support a Colorado baker who refused to create a cake for a gay wedding.

Madison priests get directives on funerals of LGBT people
National Catholic Reporter: A Catholic funeral may be denied to LGBT people to avoid "public scandal of the faithful," according to new directives in the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin.

Why "Jacob the bar mitzvah boy" mattered
Religion News Service: Fictional character on Saturday Night Live stands as a critique of much of what happens in American Judaism, Jeffrey Salkin says.

How America's charismatic Christianity helped fuel the fantasyland presidency of Donald Trump
Religion Dispatches: Author Kurt Andersen talks about conspiracy theories, charismatic Christianities, and the fantasy presidency of Donald J. Trump.

First residents move into Detroit's Cass Tiny Homes
The Detroit News: Cass Tiny Homes could prove to be a new model for low-income housing in the city.

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