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Sunday, October 1, 2017

5 paradigms of the apostolic

Word for the Week
During the last half of the twentieth century, across various evangelical and charismatic streams of the global church, there has been an increased awareness of the ministry of apostles and prophets, and their contemporary restoration according to the New Testament (NT) model.
Despite this fresh awareness, however, there is still some ambiguity as to their role and function. I write from the vantage point of forty years experience in several ‘restoration’ streams that have had various measures of international influence. Flowing in the wake of the Reformation’s attempt to return to a more apostolic Christianity these contemporary movements, likewise, have sought to recover authentic apostolic life and practice. Integral to this has been the recovery of the foundational ministry of apostles and prophets as reflected in the NT. Inevitably, with the shedding of fresh light, this process of recovery has disturbed the more traditional and institutional paradigms of church. Even so, despite some progress in the recovery of these foundational ministries, we are unwise to assume we have appropriated their full and accurate functioning, and that we are immune from old habits.
5 paradigms of the apostolic
From my observation of the contemporary church, there are at least five paradigms of the apostolic, which intersect in various expressions and combinations. For various reasons, which we will consider, each of them has limitations. We will then consider, from the biblical data and personal experience, what I suggest might be the optimum expression of apostolic ministry as the body of Christ approximates the full stature of Christ. ...

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