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Monday, October 2, 2017

3 Ways to Pray for Las Vegas

Bible Study Fellowship Rewrites the Rulebook
From denim to downloads, BSF is loosening up and adapting for millennials.
Deborah Pardo-Kaplan
Incorporated in 1959, BSF is nearing its 60th anniversary, and its board, staff, and volunteers are mobilizing to tackle a long-standing dilemma: passing on its in-depth Bible study approach to the next generation. Jackson's under-40s demographic is the main target of BSF's recent BRIDGE initiative, a five-year campaign focused on drawing in Bible-friendly millennials but also unengaged ones through social media, new class models, and more studies. While the organization has always wanted to draw from all age groups, it has recently pivoted harder to reach more young adults, a generation BSF leadership feels is growing detached from religion, is less exposed to church, and is increasingly antagonistic toward Christianity and the Bible. continue reading >>

The Exchange
3 Ways to Pray for Las Vegas: It's a Powerful (Not Political) Act for Christians
Prayer is not an empty gesture; it's how Christians first respond to tragedy.
Your Calling Actually Isn't About You
From our special issue: resisting the draw of self-serving discipleship.
1 in 3 Protestant Churchgoers Personally Affected by Suicide
Survey also finds one-third of victims were attending church before their death, but few pastors knew of their struggle.
On 'Thoughts and Prayers' After Another Mass Shooting
Prayer—and lament—is the proper first response to tragedy.

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