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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Who cares for the pastor's spouse?

Life in a fishbowl: Survey gives voice to pastors' spouses
Religion News Service: The vast majority of U.S. Protestant pastors' spouses say ministry has had a positive effect on their families but many report being isolated and under financial stress.
Religion News Service: Who cares for the pastor's spouse? 
Catholic sexual abuse partly caused by secrecy and mandatory celibacy, report finds
The (London) Guardian: Mandatory celibacy and a culture of secrecy created by popes and bishops are major factors in why such high rates of child abuse have occurred in the Catholic Church, a comprehensive study has found.

Will Trump direct FEMA to fund churches hit by hurricanes?
The Atlantic: The president weighs in on a long-standing debate over using public money to support religious organizations.

The case of a small church in an oversized building Lewis A. Parks, author of Small on Purpose, describes how smaller congregations can easily squander their last resources for ministry attempting to keep up with the mounting demands of an aging facility.

This old Catholic ritual is giving Brazil's economy a small boost, one Virgin Mary statuette at a time
The Conversation: For a century, Brazil's Catholic Church has sent holy statues out to parishioners' homes. A new study finds that these visits create a local subeconomy, benefitting families and the church.

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