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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What's Your Immigration Status?

What's Your Immigration Status? Divine.
Jesus was an immigrant and taught his followers to welcome and care for foreigners.
Octavio Javier Esqueda
My story is like many others. When my wife and I got married and came to the United States, we told our parents that we would be back in two years. Our plan was to study at a seminary in Dallas and after our graduation to return to the city in Mexico where we were born, grew up, and where most of our relatives and friends live. Although it was not our original desire, 19 years later we still live in the United States where I enjoy my teaching ministry at Biola University, serving students from all over the world. The phase-out of DACA leaves those students and workers (including young Christian leaders) at risk of deportation—and puts pressure on Congress to pass immigration reform legislation in the meantime. continue reading >>

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