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Monday, September 11, 2017

The dangers of the great American unchurching

The prayer circle: Texans rebuild after Harvey as a practice of faith
The New York Times: After the storm, 17 people joined in prayer before clearing out the flooded house of an aging widow. God, they insisted, was also there.

The dangers of the great American unchurching
The Week: A post-religious America will be very different from the country we've known up until quite recently. Not all (or even many) of the changes will be improvements.

Stop the presses! There's a next generation for mainline Protestantism
Religion News Service: Don't get carried away, but PRRI's new report on American religious affiliation holds signs of life for white mainline Protestants, at least compared to white Catholics and white evangelicals.

Pope Francis shifts power from Rome with 'hugely important' liturgical reform
The New York Times: Pope Francis made a widespread change Saturday to the ways, and words, in which Roman Catholics worship by amending Vatican law to give national bishop conferences greater authority in translating liturgical language.

Protests over Franklin Graham Blackpool visit build as hundreds sign petition
Christian Today: Hundreds of people are signing a petition to block Franklin Graham, son of famous evangelist Billy Graham, from speaking at an event in Blackpool next year.

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