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Thursday, September 14, 2017



Every year, we have a day to register for Religious Education. It is a lot of work to get people to help in taking the names, filling out the necessary information and collecting the fees.

This past July, it was again a Saturday morning for registration until the afternoon. Of course this was not the end of it for the volunteers who had to sort, count, and make sure everyone was in the English or Spanish class of their choice. That work would go on until late in the afternoon.

Last Sunday was the beginning of the classes and to, again, check that everyone who came was in the right place with the right teacher.

We open our doors and welcome everyone to come and begin or continue their understanding of the faith that will lead their hearts in a journey of a lifetime.

We always need more volunteers. Trust me, it is a good thing and the best way to reconfigure your own faith when you have to teach it to another.

This Sunday we will bless all who help in this very important “Passing It On” to the next generation.


I want to thank everyone who worked so mightily to celebrate my 50 years of Priesthood last weekend, Saturday.

The Hall was beautiful, the food was bountiful, the music was celestial, and all seemed to feel welcomed and joined in with blessings from their hearts.

I cannot thank one and all enough — rest assured that you are in my prayer-filled heart.

God Bless, Fr. Michael, O.S.A.

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