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Thursday, September 7, 2017

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800,000 LOST SHEEP

Our Immigration System is broken and Congress has to fix it. Easier said than done.

Thank God my parents came to this country in the middle of the 1920’s. They arrived with little education but with a strong desire to find their way to work, to marry and to raise a family of four girls and three boys.

In those days, they needed someone to sponsor them and be responsible for their care and needs. The first thing was to get them a job so that they could pay back the price of a passage from Ireland to the port of New York.

It was not easy but they worked and raised the family and even sent some money, not much, home to their parents. To them, my parents, it was a land of opportunity that was theirs to utilize, especially to educate their children and prepare them for what the future could bring. It was not just for my parents but the immigrants came in droves. What was given to them was not as readily given to others.

On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, 800,000 children have been brought here to participate in the same opportunity.

The system was broken as I said, but the former President made an executive order to allow children, who were brought here by their parents, to attend school, work and find their way with the legal right to pursue life here in the States.

Now, after years of work and being welcomed, our government is thinking of deporting them. It seems to me to be very mean spirited and tinted with some degree of prejudice.

Pray that they can continue to have the right to stay and continue their journeys.

God Bless, Fr. Michael, O.S.A.

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