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Friday, September 15, 2017

'Reform' that Deforms

A Presbyterian's Lament:
Our Church is Forsaking Core Values with 'Reform' that Deforms

(By Holly Lott, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA). The last few years have witnessed the tragic redefining of a once great institution. The Presbyterian Church of the USA, which exists to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to all of his children, has been fundamentally corrupted in its visions and aims. Shoved in the back seat is Christ and the whole of his teachings, replaced in the driver’s seat by an increasingly secular worldview that the PCUSA seems intent on pursuing at full speed.

More frustrating still, this effort to keep apace of the progressive culture is happening at the expense of tens of thousands of members each year. In the face of this, we are told that “we are not dying, we are reforming.” What exactly we are trying to become, though, is thoroughly ambiguous at best.

It’s worth considering what exactly this “reformation” looks like. In recent years, we have witnessed, for example, the church adopt same-sex marriage. There is, of course, no biblical basis for this course of action, quite the contrary in fact. Yes, we love and respect the dignity of each of God’s children, but we also accept that God created man and woman, separate, distinct and purposeful.

At the most recent conference of our denomination, we were offered a Muslim prayer, referring to Jesus Christ as merely a prophet alongside Muhammad. Yes, we love and respect the dignity of the Muslim community as children of God, but ought we invite a person to reject our savior at a conference allegedly intended to decide how best to spread his teachings?

On abortion, we are told by PCUSA only that the decision is “deeply personal,” and should be made based on “Scripture.” Naturally, though, the statement offers no guidance as to any particular piece of Scripture that a person ought to reference. To do so would risk lending support to the inherent value of each human life. In fairness, however, it should be noted that PCUSA at least disapproves of partial-birth abortion. How bold.

In the face of these travesties, it should come as no surprise that our Christian brothers and sisters are vacating the denomination in droves.



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