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Friday, September 15, 2017

'Jesus people' -- a movement born from the 'Summer of Love'

'Jesus people' -- a movement born from the 'Summer of Love'
The Conversation: As the Summer of Love ran into a number of problems, a new set of hippie 'Jesus freak' evangelists appeared in the Bay Area.

Pastors stand firm as Trump's U.S. evangelical base weakens
Reuters: A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that Trump's popularity among white evangelicals has weakened, suggesting his grassroots support may not be as unconditional as religious leaders' public displays of allegiance would suggest.

A booming church and its complicated, ugly past
The New York Times: Zarephath Christian Church is a dynamic evangelical congregation. But perhaps it's best not to mention the sect's fiery founder who embraced the K.K.K.

Facebook enabled advertisers to reach 'Jew haters'
Pro Publica: After being contacted by ProPublica, Facebook removed several anti-Semitic ad categories and promised to improve monitoring.

Rev. Rob Lee lost congregation for his anti-racism speech: here's why he should have packed his bags first
Religion Dispatches: If you take a political position in the pulpit, then you shouldn't be surprised when the people you're preaching to take their own.

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