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Friday, September 8, 2017

Died: Robert Jenson, 'America's Theologian'

Keith and Kristyn Getty: Singing Isn't Just for Sunday
Why congregational worship is a feast we prepare all week long.
Interview By Steve Guthrie
The Christian musical landscape includes dozens of widely known worship leaders and recording artists but comparatively few hymn writers. Of these, Keith and Kristyn Getty are preeminent. Their songs are enormously popular. And in June, Keith — who is from Northern Ireland — became the first contemporary Christian musician to be honored as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, an award given by Queen Elizabeth II. continue reading >>

Why We Need a Blue-Collar Theology of Work
How the church can best spiritually support the majority of American workers.
Died: Robert Jenson, 'America's Theologian'
The lifelong Lutheran and ecumenical leader shaped a generation with new scholarship on the Trinity, salvation, and systematics.
Searching for Christian Heroines from History? Look to the Early Church
How women were instrumental to the rise of Christianity.
Book Review
A Journey Through the Strange, Scary, and Awe-Awakening World of Video Games
What can this medium—even its most violent expressions—teach us about our deepest aches and longings?
Under Discussion
Churches No Longer Face Overtime Pay Increase
Does mandated time-and-a-half help or hurt ministries? Experts weigh in.

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