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Thursday, August 31, 2017

St. Patrick Church Sunday Bulletin September 3rd, 2107

Sunday Bulletin for September 3, 2017 
is available from St. Patrick Church .

Noah had his troubles with the flood, but Texas now has a taste of the excess of rain and flooding from Hurricane Harvey which has bombarded the coast of Texas. The people there have been leaving house and home to go to shelters these past few days. It is all being presented to us via the television — the rain, the flooding and the destruction of homes, stores and all the normal means of caring for life and limb.

All the resources have been called in to help rescue the people, shelter them and to feed and care for the sick and elderly. The Red Cross, Catholic Charities, the Texas National Guard and U. S. Coast Guard are all on the job doing the hard work of responding to the challenges of the many needs in this beginning of the hurricane season.

I am sure that the Federal Government, the State and local cities and towns are also on the job do all that they can to help in this terrible disaster. I believe the Bishop may ask all the parishes to collect what we can (money) to be part of this Act of Charity. I hope and pray that we can be part of many to respond as such.

God Bless, Fr. Michael, O.S.A.

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