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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

North Korea Frees Ailing Canadian Pastor

What We Mean When We Say 'Orthodox Christianity'
James K.A. Smith wants to focus on the creeds, not sexuality. But there's more to it than that.
Is affirming same-sex sexual relationships as righteous before God a heresy? Even if you believe it's un-Biblical, are heresy and orthodoxy even the right categories for addressing the problem? Over the weekend, philosopher and Calvin College professor James K. A. Smith argued that recent use of the words orthodoxy and heresy in debates about sexual ethics surrounding same-sex marriage is a selective and illegitimate
expansion of the terms.
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North Korea Frees Ailing Canadian Pastor Serving Life Sentence
The Presbyterian minister was arrested on a humanitarian mission in 2015. He returns home due to health concerns.
Belonging Is About More Than Biology
As an adoptee and adoptive mom, God is teaching me about his welcoming love.
For Trevin Wax, The Writerly Life Is Its Own Reward
The author and columnist reflects on writing thoughtfully about faith in the Digital Age.
Too Soon for Perry Noble's Second Chance at Church?
NewSpring says its founder, who was fired last year, still isn't qualified to pastor.
The Exchange
One-on-One with Jon Laansma on His New Book on Hebrews
Associate Professor of Ancient Languages and New Testament offers new commentary.
Church Size Is About Personal Preference, Nothing More
As long as your preferences are about positive opportunities, not negative excuses, it doesn't matter what size of church you go to.

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