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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mouw letter to Falwell Jr.

A letter to Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Religion News Service: Richard Mouw has never met Jerry Falwell, Jr., but he's often asked about Falwell's support for President Trump. "And on that subject I have to tell folks that I am deeply disappointed."

On North Korea, Christians should dial back the bellicosity
National Review: Neither the Bible nor Christian tradition supports a prominent Baptist pastor's assertion that God has ordained Donald Trump to "take out" the North Korean regime, says Mark Tooley.

Trump threatened 'fire and fury.' Here's why to some that's perfectly God-like.
The Washington Post: In President Trump's war of words with North Korea lies a key to understanding some of the religious dynamics of the Trump era. It has to do with the character of God.

Patriotism and the Church: Is it too much to ask churches to be careful?
Christianity Today: Anything that replaces a love of God is idolatry, says Ed Stetzer.

A church in Britain just took over a pub to keep it going
Agence France-Presse: An Anglican church in eastern England has become the first in the country to take over the running of a pub, hoping to bring people together and raise money for charity.

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