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Monday, August 14, 2017

How will the Church reckon with Charlottesville?

How will the Church reckon with Charlottesville?
The Atlantic: Religious communities are grappling with the racism that enabled violent attacks against protesters -- including the racism within their ranks.

After Charlottesville, will white pastors finally take racism seriously?
The Washington Post: In the wake of the Charlottesville rally -- and the country's ongoing racial tension -- we look to the church and ask, "White pastors, will you now work to end white supremacy?"
The Daily Beast: Time for all Christians to denounce white supremacy 
#Charlottesville, the Christian response, and your church's call
Christianity Today: Silence on matters of hatred and bigotry is antithetical to the gospel, says Ed Stetzer.
Religion News Service: Charlottesville: What I said from the pulpit yesterday 
Christianity does not justify Trump's 'fire and fury'
The New York Times: Robert Jeffress' theology is shockingly uninformed and dangerous, and it is a sobering reminder of the power of misguided moral statements to influence matters of life and death in policy.

Progressive values can't be just secular values
The Atlantic: New polls suggest liberals have an increasingly negative view of religion, despite the fact that most Democrats -- and Americans -- are religious.

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