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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Evangelical leaders try to hold the line on gender

The Joel Osteen fiasco says a lot about American Christianity
BuzzFeed News: The backlash against Lakewood Church's response to Tropical Storm Harvey speaks to a larger powder keg of resentment directed at evangelical Christianity in the United States right now.
Religion Dispatches: Searching for moral high ground while Houston drowns: a perspective on the Lakewood Church controversy 
Take a deep breath. The Nashville Statement won't change anything.
Religion News Service: A casual reader of the Nashville Statement can quickly spot its problems, regardless of their theological convictions.
Religion News Service: Evangelical leaders try to hold the line on gender 
Evensong sees a surge even as British church attendance declines
Religion News Service: In Britain, where churchgoing is mostly in decline, what has drawn the crowd on a late afternoon in August is evensong, the hymn-heavy evening service taken from the Book of Common Prayer.

African spirituality is unique in its commitment to community
US Catholic: God is in the ties that bind all of creation together, says Father Stan Chu Ilo.

Political party identities stronger than race or religion Americans' strongest attachment -- stronger than race, religion or ethnicity -- is political party, and it's amplifying political polarization, researchers say.

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