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Friday, August 25, 2017

Episcopal Prayer Book marriage rite could be made gender-neutral in 2018

Episcopal Prayer Book marriage rite could be made gender-neutral in 2018
Church Times: A proposal to amend the Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church to change the marriage rite and catechism may be brought to the General Convention next year.

In the South, a new helping hand: Muslim disaster relief teams
Religion News Service: At a time when the far right often cites the inability of Muslims to assimilate, these young volunteers are providing emergency aid, labor and comfort to people suffering the effects of natural disasters.

Evangelical Trump adviser: Why I won't bail on the White House
Religion News Service: You only make a difference if you have a seat at the table, says Johnnie Moore.
Baptist News Global: Where will you draw the line? 
Critics said Trump's 'religious liberty' order does nothing. The administration's lawyers seem to agree.
The Washington Post: Trump administration lawyers have essentially taken the same position as many religious activists and legal experts who said the order didn't do much of anything.

Pope Francis says with magisterial authority: the Vatican II liturgical reform is 'irreversible'
America: Seeking to end various attempts to roll back the reform of the liturgy introduced by the Second Vatican Council, Pope Francis stated unequivocally that "the reform of the liturgy is irreversible."

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